Monday, 14 February 2011

On-line petitions to re-open

The County Council administration has today informed me that they are willing to re-open both the online petitions against library closure.
The first one refers only to Headington Library in Bury Knowle Park:-

the second refers to all Oxfordshire's threatened libraries:-

The Council is granting another couple of months for these. They will both be re-activated shortly. So if you did not sign either these or the paper petitions, or know anybody who did not get a chance to do so, and would like to, please pass on the word.
The petitions draw attention to the statutory obligation of the County to provide a library service, and the illegality of closing the libraries. This would also rule out private options since the County would not be fulfilling its legal obligations by proposing such an alternative.
It seems to me that transferring money from other parts of its budget is the County's only legal option. It simply has no other.
You will have to copy the addresses into your browser address bar to find the webpage.

NB I believe that tomorrow (Tuesday 15th Feb) is the day of the County Council's budget meeting and there may well be some citizens who wish to turn up at the Town Hall in the morning and make their feelings and views known in a peaceable and civilized fashion.

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