Monday, 23 May 2011

We Need This Money Ourselves

MPs are going to vote in Parliament on the allocation of billions of pounds to bail out the failing economies of the euro-zone. Greece, Portugal, Ireland...who next, Spain?
Write to your MP and tell them to vote against the bail-out. Write to your MEPs too and protest about it. This is an intolerable burden on our debt-ridden economy. The more money we give away, the less there will be left for front-line services in this country, which includes libraries along with helping the old, sick, unemployed, and homeless.
Why should we bail out countries like Greece where nobody pays their taxes?
For the past two decades, we have been subsidizing Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain to the tune of billions via the EU structural fund. If your MP or MEP makes excuses for this, ask them to talk some economic sense for a change!