Saturday, 15 January 2011

A few thoughts about the proposed closure of Headington Library

I am sure you all agree libraries are part of the foundation of our culture; they are vital to Headington as the local post office, school, hospital and church.

This barbaric act to close Headington Library is an attack against our civilization and our individual liberties. I must mention the role Headington Library plays for the visually impaired user, do they expect such users to make their way to the Central Library?

Headington must rise up and form an active community group to fight this barbaric policy, and we have the full support of Headington’s many writers, including Peter Hitchens and Brian Aldiss.

Headington Library plays a vital part in the process of improving social mobility, peoples opportunities to learn, find new jobs and grow.

Abolishing Headington Library means turning Headington into a cultural and learning desert for its residents.

We must fight back against the council and government to preserve our freedom to learn and appreciate Oxford’s culture.

Nicholas Newman

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