Monday, 17 January 2011

Len Swartz writes

Dear All:

I write in response to the very admirable Headington library supporters meeting last week which you both addressed, with Ruth referring to our Gourmet Fundraiser programme ( as a possible financial assist to library operational stability. Regarding Ruth's comments about Gourmet Fundraiser being a possible financial help to the libriaries in overcoming the current problems, may I respectfully go further in saying that Gourmet Fundraiser could permanently enable all of the County libraries to attain sufficient financial muscle to dictate their own operational destiny and achieve relative independence from the economic and political pitfalls that we have now, and will undoubtedly experience in the future. While we all hope that the administrative efforts outlined by Richard will forestall the cuts, this will probably take time and is packed with uncertainty as to outcome, as he said. It would therefore seem reasonable to proceed with a parallel plan of action with Gourmet Fundraiser that potentially could independently provide each County library with financial stability notwithstanding the other outcomes, while being free of cost to both the library supporters and the government at all levels. I plan to attend the Thursday 20th Jan meeting at Town Hall and will be happy to discuss the matter with any and all, or I can also be contacted on (01865) 371099.

With best wishes and kindest regards, I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Len Swartz

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