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Headington Library performance figures and running costs

Headington Library performance figures and running costs

Issues 2009-10
Adults 62,759
Children 67,828
AV 6,217
Total 136,804
Visits 2009-10 153,350

The costs below are expenditure and income figures for the financial year 2009-10. Assumptions arising from them in relation to the potential cost of running the library in future should be made with extreme caution.

The cost profile of running Headington Library may change very significantly under alternative management arrangements. To give an example; the cost to the library service of energy (gas, electricity) is determined by contractual arrangements which secure significant discounts. If alternative proposals included different procurement arrangements for energy supplies, the basis of the associated costs would differ from those noted below.

Please also note the following:

Books: The figure given for books and other material is an estimate. Books are acquired for the county, not for specific libraries and costs are therefore recorded by category of material and not by library (eg. Children’s picture books, adult non fiction). On acquisition, stock will be allocated to a particular library but it will not necessarily remain in that library. In order to make the best use of stock, materials are managed and circulated on a county-wide basis. In addition stock in every library is available for loan to every library member and stock is therefore moving constantly between libraries to meet customer demand. This approach is much more efficient than acquiring and managing stock on a library by library basis. Above all, it means that the resources of the whole library service are available to everyone, unconstrained by the limits of a particular building or service point.

Librarians: The cost of providing librarian support to Headington Library is not included in these in the staffing figure as these costs are not assigned to specific libraries. Each library is supported by a small peripatetic team of librarians operating on a county-wide basis. They manage stock selection and acquisition, advise on stock management, display and promotion. They provide virtual and telephone information services for both library users and staff, advise on and support services for children, young people and families. They provide and support wider reading and learning activities such as reading groups, reading challenges for adults and IT familiarisation courses. These activities are core to the provision of library services in each building but are managed on a county wide basis as this is much more efficient than deploying librarians in each library.

Management: The cost of providing management support to Headington Library is not included in these in these figures as these costs are not assigned to specific libraries Each library is part of a wider geographical group led by a member of the Senior Management Team. These officers support individual libraries on matters of corporate policy and priorities, library policy, priorities and practice, recruitment, training and staff development, health and safety in public buildings, personnel issues, finance, IT facilities and services, service planning and performance, marketing and promotion.

Expenditure 2009/10 for Headington Library

Expenditure Library Service Expenditure £ Property Services expenditure £
On-site staffing 127,284.79 Not applicable
Transport costs 39.20 Not applicable
Electricity 2,039.39 Not applicable
Gas 2,259.14 Not applicable
Water Not applicable Not applicable
Security 860.73 Not applicable
Rent Not applicable Not applicable
Rates Not applicable 6,728.00
Service Charge Not applicable 29,478.00
Other Premises Costs 216.71 Not applicable
Supplies costs (including Stationery, copier rental, telephones) 3,972.92
Not applicable
Books and other materials for loan and reference 30,811.00
Not applicable
Cleaning Not applicable Not applicable

Income (from fees and charges) -17,474.83 Not applicable

Note: does not include Head Office costs

Source: figures obtained from the County Librarian - 7 January 2011

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