Sunday, 2 October 2011

Save Headington Library group.

Dear all,

Here is an update from the Save Headington Library group.

As you know, the Group has encouraged all those who have attended our meetings or signed up to our membership list to send in individual responses to the County's consultation on the future of the library service.

The Group has also sent suggestions to the countywide Save Oxfordshire Libraries Group and these have have been incorporated into the SOL response (please see attachment)

Oxfordshire County Council has received around 3,500 responses to date, in addition to the detailed submissions from a number of Library Groups, Town and Parish Councils and other organisations. 

What happens next?

All these responses will now be evaluated and drawn together into a report by an independent organisation.  A reference copy will be available in each library and a copy will be published online at in advance of the County Council’s Cabinet meeting at 1pm on Monday 12 December 2011.  The Cabinet will consider the report on the outcomes of the consultation and will agree the way forward for the library service and its savings targets for 2012/13 to 2014/15.

Information about Cabinet meetings including agendas, minutes and reports is available at

Information about how you can address this Cabinet meeting is available at

It is unlikely that we shall send out any more updates until 5 December 2011 when the report should be made publicly available.

Best wishes and many thanks for your continued support.

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