Saturday, 11 December 2010

Headington Library is a vital cultural asset!

My local library in Headington Oxford, is planned to close due to the cuts imposed by the government on local authority funding. Headington library has been the local library of such famous writers as C.S. Lewis and Tolkein and is the local
library of Headington residents such as Brian Aldiss and Peter Hitchens.

As a family we are regular users of this lovely library set in parkland, it is convenient for shopping,walks, pub and church, the views from library are lovely!

Such action by the government, I find shocking. For us journalists having a public library proved vital in our work for researching, studying and leisure.

As a regular user, Headington Library is one of the busiest local branch libraries in Oxfordshire. I am a regular user, so is my father, my neighbours etc.

In fact my father has been since he been a regular user since he was a boy
during the second world war. A local library is as vital to a local community as a pub, post office,
doctors etc.

Regards Nicholas Newman

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