Monday, 27 December 2010

Headington Library Questions

Here are some suggested questions to ask the decision makers behind the proposals to cut library services.

I. Fiscal Questions
The Headington Library financial considerations up to the year 2015.
1) Have you considered library use beyond 2015?
2) Are you making permanent strategic proposals about the library service based on no more than four years' forward planning?
3) What would be the fiscal saving to the County Council of closing Headington Library?
4) The proposal does not include any schemes about reducing library expenditure other than closing libraries. What was the logic for not suggesting other measures to reduce library expenditure (such as, for instance, reducing opening hours)?
5) The Oxford Mail reports that the proposals are intended to save £2million over the four years 2011 to 2015. Is this correct?
6) Are there plans to restore library services once the economy has recovered?

II. Public Service Questions
The proposals suggest extended electronic library services.
1) How will this benefit people who do not have access to the internet at home, including those who currently rely on Headington Library for internet access?
2) How will these new services affect those who are sight impaired and or mobility impaired who rely on audio books, given that only a small proportion of books are available in eBook format, also many eBooks do not have the text to speech option enabled?
3) What usage figures have been used in formulating the proposals?
4) What are the usage figures for Headington Library?
5) How can these usage figures be made available to users of Headington Library?
6) What was the rationale behind the welcome proposal to keep open Cowley Library, in contrast to the other suburban Oxford city libraries?

III. Economic Development Questions
Public transport link were a factor in formulating the proposals.
I. What public transport figures have been used?
II. Is this based on current provision of public transport, or does it include potential public transport provision in the future?
III. What negative impact will closure of urban libraries such as Headington Library have on the local economy in terms of property values, economic activity, environment, social mobility, traffic and congestion?

IV. Legal Questions
How does the County Council library service proposal differ from statutory duties described in the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964?
A. What opportunities of appeal are open to library users and residents?
B. When does the period of consultation begin and when does it end?

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  1. Very good list of questions, Nic.
    A lot there to merit serious discussion.
    As of today, 4th January, 265 people have signed the online petition save Headington Library.

    These petitions don't last forever, they have a fixed term, so anyone else who wants to sign, please hurry! And please do, all of you, keep on forwarding the link to everyone who may share our concern.